4 Best Tools to Keep Your Cyber Security In Check

It may hit you as a surprise but, according to statista, the companies in the United States annually lose more than half a billion US dollars due to hackers’ attacks. These attacks may lead to data breach, leak and ransom.

With cyber attacks on the rise, it has become very important to keep your cyber security in check. For this reason we have put together a list of four best tools that will help you improve your odds against cyber criminals.

Anti-Virus Software

Let’s start with a paid software tool that comes from the Kaspersky lab. This antivirus software company has evolved over the years into the leading company in this field. Their Anti-Virus is tested by independent 3rd party labs to ensure that the end product is safe to use, and these labs have been ranking Kaspersky Anti-Virus at the very top for quite a while now.

The antivirus solution coming from the Kaspersky lab will keep you safe from malicious URLs, malware, phishing attacks, keyloggers, trojan horses and more. Their software is regularly updated to keep you protected from the latest threats lurking online.

Why the paid version? Because it features the System Watcher, which adds another layer of protection that will keep you safe from ransomware. In addition it will track suspicious activities in your system and terminate the processes even if they are not still officially labeled as threats.

Webcam Protection Software

If you are afraid that someone may use your laptop or PC web camera, you should definitely consider getting one of the best webcam protection software tools out there. Did you know that cyber criminals have developed software that can turn on your webcam without turning on the notification light?

In the past, we could see Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Snowden covering their mics and webcams with stickers. If they do this, there must be a good reason behind it.

Camera Guard 2 Pro is a much better solution than covering your webcam with a sticker. The software was developed specifically for Mac users, and upon installing it, your microphone and camera will be completely protected from hackers, spies and malware that can listen to and/or observe you.

If you are a Windows user, you should consider Spy Shelter Firewall. This software is not only a web protection software, but also one of the best anti-keylogger solutions out there. It is very well-optimized, so it can even be used on older computers without affecting their performance.

Patch Management Software

If you want to get your cyber security in check at home, you should make sure that your operating system, Internet browser and antivirus software you use are up-to-date at all times. Software vendors always release updates when the new flaws and bugs in the system are identified as threats that may expose you to cyber attacks.

On the other hand, patching and updating software in offices may require more effort. For this purpose you should consider some of the best patch management tools on the market.

GFI LanGuard offers a wide range of features that will help you to overcome comprehensive patch management requirements. On top of that, this software will assist you by scanning your systems for vulnerabilities. It can be set to push critical updates on all the devices on your corporate network, thus automating the maintenance process and ensuring that you stay compliant with the rules and regulations related to software patching.

If you want a patch management software for personal use, give Comodo a try – it is an open source and free patch management software.

Firewall Software

ZoneAlarm firewall is one of the most famous firewall apps on the market. It is as old as the person

al firewall concept is. ZoneAlarm Firewall has two editions – a Pro (paid one) and a free one. The free version is more than enough to protect yourself from the malicious attacks when you are surfing the web.

ZoneAlarm firewall is capable of protecting you when you are accessing the internet via LAN or Wi-Fi networks, both private and public ones. It will alert you if it identifies shady traffic, hide your open ports and disable any malicious software that tries to establish a connection with a potential hacker.

These four tools will definitely help you to get your cyber security in check. Feel free to read reviews on other cyber security tools on authoritative blogs and websites.