4 Industries that Face the Highest Amount of Cyber Threats

Cyber security was one of the biggest topics at the start of the global internet age. However, as time passed by, people cared less and less for it. However, today hackers have more sophisticated tools and techniques than ever before and they pose a great threat.

There have been many reports about big cyber-attacks in our news feeds on social media, but in the past couple of years the public simply turned their focus elsewhere. However, the threat hasn’t left and there have been many attacks on retail chains, hospitals, entertainment industry attacks, and so on.

In this modern digital age that we live in, it has become essential for business organizations to implement adequate online security measures. However, there are still many businesses that neglect the importance of cyber security and this can cost them a lot.

The numbers show that these four industries are at highest risk of cyber-attacks and should definitely try to improve their security as quickly as possible.

1. Law companies

Legal organizations are often targeted by cyber criminals, as they have realized how important and useful the data they can get through law companies is. They know that law firms hold information of all of their clients, from individuals to smaller and larger organizations.

This information about clients can be very sensitive and vary from financial data, business documents, merger deals, acquisition documents, patent information, and so on. What’s really unfortunate is the fact that the majority of law farms don’t have robust cyber security in store.

This is why hackers are making the most of this fact. If a team of hackers is targeting a certain company, they will often consider its law company and see how vulnerable it is, as it may be easier to acquire sensitive data about a business by hacking their associates.

2. Healthcare industry

Believe it or not, the healthcare industry is one of the most popular targets for cyber-attacks. Healthcare is especially vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, as most of the facilities in this kind of work don’t have any kind of cyber security measures in place.

Simply put, they are usually out in the open alongside with their patient data. In most cases hackers are on the lookout for personal health records that they can use to blackmail their victims and ask for payments either in cash or bitcoin.

Grabbing these kind of files is very easy, it can be monetized easily and it doesn’t carry many risks. This is why these kinds of attack are very common and the public usually doesn’t learn about them because victims are scared to speak out or their personal data will be made public. There are many reasons why hackers focus on healthcare and the bottom line is that it needs more protection.

3. Financial sector

This is one of the riskiest industries when it comes to cyber security threats. It was the most jeopardized industry during 2015 and today it’s just behind healthcare. The bright side is that some of the people in this industry have learned their lesson and they started investing in cyber security during 2016 and 2017.

This is why they were able to climb down from the number one spot. Still, even though there is noticeable progress and some big attacks have been prevented, this is still one of the most interesting areas for cyber-attacks. Especially when you know that there are still a lot of banks and other financial institutions that don’t have any cyber security measures.

There are so many ways in which this sector can be jeopardized by cybercrime and this is why it needs protection the most. Hackers can steal finances directly, get passwords, pins, steal data, hack identification systems, and so on.

4. Higher education institutions


This is yet another area where hackers love stealing personal data. Hackers fish for social security numbers, passwords, bank credentials, pins, and any kind of personal information that can be of use to them. Simply put, students are likely to be careless and most of them have college loans that hackers want to get a hold of.

Additionally, hackers also like to focus on schools and colleges because they store a lot of information on their students. Cyber-attacks on such institutions are very often targeted by hackers and this is why they are starting to make changes and investment in their security.

The problem is that universities and colleges have a lot of people working there and many students. This makes it difficult to provide safe systems for all of those people, as the investment is quite expensive.

These are the four most compromised industries when it comes to cyber security. If you are running one, try to invest in cybersecurity infrastructure on time and avoid any capital loss that might harm your organization.