5 Easy to Use Online Backup Software Tools

The explosion of online software tools has brought an abundance of benefits for both the business and the consumer world. One particularly popular modern technology is cloud computing and cloud storage.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a few specific online backup software tools that will help you keep your data safe in multiple locations. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


This software tool is the best solution for all types of consumers, due to the fact that it comes with an abundance of features. Unfortunately, as this company is shifting to the business world much more, they are slowly cancelling out the home offers for consumers. This is unfortunate for the consumer, however, if you are a business owner, this software tool is the right choice. Be prepared to invest a bit more money for their offering, though.

Getting the family plan, which now sits at $14 US per month, is the best option if you want to backup up to 10 different devices.

As the home option is to be cancelled in 60 days, let’s take a look at other alternatives.


This is the best alternative to the Crashplan, as it also includes a lot of useful features for the consumers. At $5 US per month, you get unlimited storage, that also includes external drives.

The upload and download speeds are a bit slower than that of Crashplan, but the features such as continuous update, computer and storage encryption are also included.

As Crashplan is leaving the consumer market, this is the perfect alternative you should definitely take into consideration.

One of great features of this online backup software is its support for file restoration from a browser. This opens up a lot of options, making it easier to restore files from any location, in case something goes wrong with your primary computer.


This is another online backup software tool that boasts a lot of useful features. With its support for Android and iOS devices, you get a lot more functionality. Like the two abovementioned service providers, the encryption is top notch, as are the download and upload speeds.

However, this software is a bit pricy, as it charges its customers differently than some other competitors. You get 5 mere GB of storage for free, but if you want to upgrade to 1TB, you will have to pay $70 US yearly. If you need more than that, the price quickly jumps up to $500 US for a 10TB storage solution.

When you factor in the fact that other companies are offering unlimited storage, this is not the best solution for those who are planning to use a lot of space.


Even though this software tool is quite pricy, it offers some interesting options to its customers. Not only can you backup and sync regular folders from your computer, but you can also easily create whole system images, making it easy restore your operating system at any point of time.

It boasts great upload and download speeds, while also offering a high level of security. In fact, plans that should be added throughout 2018 are going to utilize blockchain for file change authorization.

But at a premium cost of $100 US for a single computer, $150 for two or $160 for three. Even the premium option is going to be limited to 5TB of space, which makes this service quite expensive.

Even though you can purchase additional storage, it is a very expensive tool.


Those who are currently using the home plan of CrashPlan will be moved to this software tool. Carbonite packs a wide array of features, and is reasonably priced. At $60 dollars per computer, you get unlimited online storage.

This is an attractive offer, but there is a catch. Basic and Plus plans do not support automatic video backup, and the process is tedious to perform manually. But, if you decide to move to the Prime plan, you are going to be able to backup whole images and utilize automatic video backup.

When it comes to other features, this software is also present on the Android and iOS platform, and its security is quite satisfying.

Let’s hope automatic video backup is added to lower plans, as its absence makes this software much less competitive in the market, making it clear that customers should use a different tool.

These are the five best online backup software tools that will make it easier for you to back up your Mac and Windows devices. CrashPlan was definitely the best option in the past, but since they are exiting the consumer market, make sure to research what all the other competitors are offering and pick a plan that best suits your needs.