5 Tips for Promoting Good Cybersecurity Habits in Your Company

It may come as a surprise to you but your employees are the best antivirus and firewall that you will ever get. In other words, no matter how much you invest into your IT security infrastructure, employees with poor cybersecurity habits will make it vulnerable to attacks and increase the chances of your data and system being compromised.

Today it has become very important to work on your company’s digital integrity indirectly. So instead of investing into pricy security software and hardware companies should focus on promoting cybersecurity habits. Here are the five tips to get you started on this.

Educate Employees

First, you have to organize meetings to educate your employees about cybersecurity threats. People are generally not aware of these until they happen. In order to prevent data loss, data ransome or a confidential data leak, you have to teach your employees how to recognize specific techniques used by cyber criminals. These are called social engineering techniques.

In order to get your employees to share classified information, hackers quite often use different media to trick them into believing that they should disclose such information.

Start by telling your employees what phishing is and how hackers can trick them through emails to get to their information. These emails are not so hard to recognize. In any case, your employees should only open emails coming from trusted sources.

Make sure to address the advanced phishing technique – spear phishing. These emails are custom tailored to seem completely legit. This is why people quite easily buy into this type of scam.

Make sure that all of your employees have separate private and company emails and to use them accordingly.

Insist on Strong Passwords

Your would be surprised to know how many people think that “wrongpassword” is a great and neat password that nobody can guess. Many employees don’t take passwords that seriously and this is exactly why 24% of cyber attacks come as a consequence of employees’ poor cybersecurity habits.

Organize training on password security to help your employees understand how poor passwords compromise the cyber security of your organization. It is important to convey the message that strong password are as important for work systems as they are for private accounts.

Make sure to install and use automatic password policies on the systems used in the organization. While this will bruteforce your employees to use strong passwords, it won’t incentivize them to change their cybersecurity habits, at least not the password-related ones. This is why you should give your best to find the most efficient way to execute the method I mentioned before this one.

If BYOD Company – Define Security Policies

Defining a BYOD policy is a very important action towards a better cybersecurity policy. BT and Cisco report that only 36% of companies have such a policy in place, which is very low at the moment. This means that 64% of the companies are exposed to threats coming with the BYOD practice.

Furthermore, Cisco and BT discovered that a staggering 82% of companies with BYOD policies have had experience with specific cybersecurity risks as a direct result of their employees bringing devices to the workplace.

This means that in order to minimize the risk of cyber attacks, BYOD policies should require of employees to get their devices approved by management before they can be used in the organization. Also, you should make sure that not all of the organization systems can be accessed via smart devices.

Address Software Downloading Issues

One of the good cybersecurity habits your employees should have is downloading of authorized software only. Unfortunately there are dozens of free applications to download on the internet. While you can restrict such downloads and installs on the enterprise systems quite easily, it is much better to educate your employees about the threats of downloading and installing such software.

Address Your General Cyber Awareness Strategy

In the end, make sure to address your cyber security policies during the onboarding process. This way your new employees will be aware of your strategies right from the start. Additionally make sure to organize regular meetings where you will keep everybody on board with the latest policies and best security practices.

These tips will get you started on promoting good cybersecurity habits in your company. If you stick to you plan and remain consistent, over time you will help your organization build a cyber security culture.