7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using a Password Manager

Passwords can be a real nightmare for people who can’t really memorize them no matter how much they try. If you’re one of us, then chances are you’ve gotten seriously agitated and even angry trying to remember the same password over and over again. This is why a lot of people end up sticking with the same 2-3 passwords for all of their accounts, which is a huge cyber security risk.

Well, now you can put a stop to this stressful process by using a password manager. Now, some people consider this unsafe because of locating all private data on one place – the “putting all eggs in one basket” principle.

However, apps are now a lot smarter than before, and with a quality piece of software in your hands your safety is guaranteed. If you’re still not convinced, you should go over the following points and see whether a password manager can work for you.

Keep Your Data Safe

Even though you’ll ultimately have one master password to access the software, using a password manager will actually keep you much safer in the long run. Most people have a habit of writing down their passwords on random pieces of paper that often get misplaced or lost, and some just keep forgetting and resetting their passwords. With a password manager, however, you’ll have all of them in one place that’s not accessible to anyone else.

You Don’t Have to Type Them in Anymore   

You won’t have to go through that process of typing in the wrong password or fumbling and mistyping, and trying to determine whether the whole combination is misplaced or if the problem is in the caps lock button that was turned on by accident. A password manager will do everything for you.

Use Many Different Passwords

There was a pattern of behavior that most people whose data got leaked repeated – they used the same password for most of their accounts. It’s just not smart to use the same combination for your bank account and your Facebook profile.

If you start using a password manager, you’ll be able to create a large number of different passwords without being afraid that you’ll forget them.

Create Complex Passwords

Another important factor that makes a good password is its complexity. You’d be surprised with how many people use their favorite food (like pizza or pancakes), or the first object they see around them (like a yellow pen or a post-it note) as their password. It usually goes in combination with a favorite number or a date that they can easily remember.

If you want your privacy to be properly protected, you will need to be a bit more creative than this – which won’t be a problem when you’re using a password manager, because you don’t have to memorize all those complicated passwords.

Backup Done the Easy Way

In a case of a system crash, you won’t have to be worried about losing any information if you connect your backup system with your password manager. In a very short time frame, you’ll be able to access all the data without any consequence after a quick reinstall.

Passwords on the Go

Another great thing about password managers is that you can use them wherever you are. Trying to find a misplaced post-it that contains your password, which might be at your home, in your office, or in one of your pockets, is a seriously tiring process – one that you won’t have to repeat ever again.

Save Precious Time

No one has time to deal with passwords nowadays – there’s a list of priorities that precedes this activity, like enjoying a hot cup of coffee. So, instead of trying to:

  • Determine what’s wrong with the password you typed in.
  • Find the physical location of your jotted down password.
  • Go through the safety procedure of changing it.

you should simply let a password manager do its magic, and you’ll never have to go through the stress of trying to recall the footsteps of the old you, who was in charge of creating an unbreakable combination.

The benefits of using a password manager are obvious, and you can be positive that a serious amount of everyday agitation and stress will simply vanish. Other than being simple to use, a password manager will also protect your privacy, because it will enable you to create a large variety of strong passwords – and you’ll have one less problem to think about.