How Can AI Help You Screen Interview Applicants?

If you have ever engaged in a recruiting process, you certainly know how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be. Not only do you need to source a number of candidates and reach out to each and every one of them in order to schedule interviews, but you also need to sift through their resumes and make sure that you make the best decision about finding the right fit for your company.

Many recruiters and hiring managers absolutely dread this process, but they also know that it bears great significance since, if done properly, it leads to having a strong and high-performing team of employees. However, since it has a tendency of taking too much time, AI has come in to save the day.

Using AI to screen job applicants before they come in for actual interviews is becoming a hot trend in the business world. The technology is completely changing the recruitment process and it seems to be gaining momentum quite rapidly, as it has proven to be very effective in helping employers pick the best job candidates.

How Does AI Ease the Recruitment Process?

Numerous types of video interview software that use AI are being created these days, and what they do is use voice and face recognition algorithms in order to analyse speech, tonality, facial movements, vocabulary, word choice, and even body language. In doing so, they figure out which candidates are the best fit for a particular company and they rank them, thus saving quite a lot of time for recruiters, who can simply pick the candidates with the highest rank and schedule interviews with them.

Screening job applicants using AI is not only much more efficient, but also more effective, because any kind of biases are completely eliminated and the entire recruitment process is very structured. Inserting personal biases into interviews is very common, but it is something that AI definitely doesn’t do.

How Can Candidates Actually Apply for a Job Using AI?

What candidates need to do in order to apply for a job using this latest AI technology is use an appropriate desktop or mobile app to schedule an interview. What they actually do is set up a video interview, where they are provided with a set of questions.

What most of the available video interview intelligence platforms offer is unlimited tries for answering questions, as candidates are actually recording them before sending them to the recruiter. When they are satisfied with the recordings they made, they simply upload them and wait for the results. That is where the AI kicks in and starts analysing the recordings with the goal of picking out the top performers who will be the best hires for a particular job position.

HireVue Video Intelligence

One of the best and most popular video interview intelligence platforms out there is HireVue. The platform is completely transforming the way companies find ideal job candidates. It enables recruiters to search through more candidates in less time, without sacrificing quality.

Not only does this powerful and intuitive platform provide the option of fast and effective video interviewing using AI, helping companies make much better decisions and provide candidates with outstanding experience, but it is also excellent for assessments and coaching. With HireVue Assessments, you can find the highest-performing talent quite easily and ensure you keep that top talent in your pipeline.

What’s more, HireVue Coach can help you provide you team with excellent coaching opportunities for increasing learning retention, as well as for quickly onboarding new hires.

The Future Is Here

HireVue, as well as other similar video intelligence platforms, is automating the recruitment process and completely changing the way companies find new hires, which is precisely why it is growing in popularity as we speak.

However, AI definitely shouldn’t make all the decisions, since recruiters should still take the time to look through all the data, recommendations, and the experience of job applicants in order to make the best decisions for their companies. Nevertheless, this state-of-the-art technology is definitely extremely helpful since, apart from simplifying and significantly speeding up the hiring process, it eliminates biases, which is yet another very important reason why everyone should start using AI to screen applicants.