IT Resolutions: How to Build a Better Cyber Security Strategy in 2018

As we enter the new year, we look forward to technological innovations and upcoming trends that promise more engagement and make things easier for us. However, in spite of all the annual changes and digital enhancements, cyber security continues to be a huge problem and a global online threat.

In fact, a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans annually. But what’s worse, it’s not just adults that are at risk of losing sensitive information. Some of the most popular social media platforms have already been breached, putting the global audience at mercy of the cyber bullies.     

That being said, the corporate world has the most to lose when it comes to a data breach. While 64% of companies have experienced a web-based attack, 60% of small companies go out of business within 6 months due to malicious cyber activities. And the global costs keep on rising with estimations of cyber security spending to exceed $1 trillion in the next four years.     

So, how to protect your business from the dangers lurking online? Considering that the U.S. government is currently working on the new national security strategy, it’s time to renew your dated business IT tactic as well.   

First of all, you need to conduct a thorough inspection of your IT security infrastructure, software, and employees. The business systems should be completely updated and patched and cyber security policies obeyed and practiced in the work environment, especially if the employees use their own devices.

Don’t be alarmed if the results of your investigation uncover many potential threats, because those poor outcomes may help to create a better IT strategy for the future. For example, you can link the company’s systems with a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure the business tools get an extra level of cyber protection.

In addition, pay close attention to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will replace the current standards and data privacy laws that apply to all enterprises outside the EU that offer products or services and hold information about EU citizens.

In 2018, it’s recommended that you have accurate projections for security and strategies for all potential data breach scenarios. Therefore, IT experts will have to dedicate more time to securing network access control (NAC) because it’s the first line of defence for companies that have embraced the Internet of Things.

Of course, all of the passwords should be changed every three months and strengthened with letters, numbers, symbols, and a large number of characters in general. Since password management is really important but somewhat demanding, it’s best to use password management tools to keep up with all the changes and ensure that you never forget a password. You should also incorporate two-factor authentication for both website visitors and employees.

Another asset that can help you find an excellent IT solution for cyber security is machine learning. By applying machine learning to identify potential online threats, you can get a more accurate risk prognosis than you would any other way.

It’s vital to remember that cyber security is a never ending process. Whatever security measures you might take, there is always a major safety risk if you fail to include your employees in the entire procedure. After all, the biggest danger is not cluing in the workforce on the various cyber hazards.  

All employees, IT staff in particular, are expected to work together as a knowledge-empowered and highly engaged unit in order to enhance cyber security. Employee training on cyber security will become a standard and an obligation for businesses that want to grow and become successful. Likewise, IT technicians will have to possess some previous experience to be capable of acting as cyber defenders.

But this is not the end, because you need to test all backups to ensure that they work. Although having backups is the number one rule for reputable organizations, many forget to test them until they have to use them. So, be sure to run backup tests as often as you can.

To ensure that your organization is safe, start making a potent 2018 IT strategy early on. Use these tips and IT resolutions as a guide to accomplish all of your cyber security goals and begin the new year prepared and armed with the best online safety tools and tactics.