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Customized Service And Solutions

Virtual & Dedicated Servers

Are you tired of worrying about your servers' hardware failing? Do you experience problems like overheating? Let us take care of your servers! We use only the best hardware available in our data center to provide the top performance for your dollar. Our servers are kept underloaded to ensure that, even during the busiest times of day, your systems will run smoothly, quickly, and reliably.

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Your website is the face of your business, and we are committed to you having the most impactful and strategic web presence possible! We specialize in the development of high-performance websites, and we can help you to launch, re-launch, design, and develop a state-of-the art web presence for your business. Our lightning-fast servers are highly-maintained and have built-in redundancy and backups. we can host almost any type of website (html, .net, php, mysql, wordpress, drupal, magento, joomla!).

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System Monitoring And Support

Computers are the gateway to our digital, professional and personal lives. The workstation is the swiss army knife we use to conduct business and to connect with our world. You rely on computers for...well, almost everything! We are here to support you — to ensure that you always have access to your email, your data, your projects, and your social networks.

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How We Solve Problems


Over 100+ individuals/companies use WSP to improve their IT, Dedicated servers, Events, Networking, Web Development, Custom Computers, and more.


We are IT experts with the skills, abilities, and expertise to make your problems disappear. From datacenter to small business - we will help you make the most effective technology choices for your business goals.


Our company is founded on the principles of transparency, fairness and responsibility. We offer a combined 40 years of it industry and consulting experience, with experts from multiple areas of tech-support coming together under one roof.


Service doesn't end here. We not only proactively monitor our cloud services but support you and your employees, be it with training, staff changes, technical issues, or new developments. We'll do the leg work so you can spend more time enjoying the success of your business.