Smartwatches and How to Use Them for Business

Smartwatches were unable to live up to the hype around them, but that doesn’t make them useless. On the contrary, they are useful to wide-range of people from different walks of life.

They can even be used for business purposes in multiple ways. We are going to explore some of the smartwatch functionalities and see how they fit in the modern business world.

Time tracking

Time tracking applications have become quite popular with the rise of freelancing websites. However, local businesses have also adopted the practice, as it is more convenient to track time with precise software.

Okay, but we already have tracking apps on laptops and PCs. Yes, but not all business is run in an office. There are plenty of lines of work that are performed outside the office, and computers are not of much help in these circumstances. However, with a smartwatch, this becomes an easy task.

Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, you can easily track the work hours of your employees, if they are provided with smartwatches.

Task management

Task management has become an important part of every business, as it significantly improves the productivity of the whole team. With smartwatches, this reaches a completely new level. Both managers and employees can use their devices to access the task they are assigned to, and to assign new ones once some are completed.

For example, software tools such as Wunderlist, Evernote, and Todoist are supported on smartwatches. As these tools are supported on all platforms, it is easy for your team to work together, even when some of them are on the move.

This makes working on the go even easier, especially in industries where there is no place for a computer.

Furthermore, employees can easily set reminders with their smartphones, making them more effective during their working hours.

Instant notifications

Smartwatches are directly connected with the smartphones, enabling them to perform tasks related to the smartphone. So, whenever your employee gets an update about a project, an email or any other type of message, you can rest assured that they are going to see the notification.

Furthermore, with voice recognition, they can immediately respond without having to take a smartphone out of their pocket. This is a very neat feature that improves team communication and collaboration. Not to mention that some smartwatches are completely independent from phones and can work completely on their own.

GPS functionality

GPS functionality has been added to numerous types of smartwatches. Businesses working with fleets of vehicles can more easily track the location of their employees and further optimize the driving process, so the fuel is saved and the service is as promised to the customer.

Additionally, this drives the business costs down, as you can get a single device capable of handling multiple things.

Also, the smartphones receive regular traffic updates, and the drivers get instant notifications on their smartwatches in case there is any kind of hold up or traffic jam, putting them in a position to change routes.

Therefore, smartwatches can mean the world to someone who is constantly on the road.


When someone mentions fitness, we don’t immediately think of business, but you shouldn’t forget that fitness has a business side to it. Currently, global market cap of fitness industry is at staggering $84 billion. This includes personal fitness trainers who give their best to offer a top notch service to their clients.

Smartwatches fit perfectly in the fitness business. It is one of the best health trackers that utilizes a variety of sensors to keep track of an athlete’s progress. Those who are interested in offering impeccable workout routines have to include smartwatches in their business strategy. Not only can the trainer carefully examine a client’s progress, but he can even keep track of it remotely. This was practically unimaginable only a couple of years ago, whereas now, tracking and sharing this data is possible with single tap.

As you can see, smartwatches pack a lot of power under their belt, as their features are useful in wide range of industries. All it takes is for business managers to get a little bit creative and these devices can be used in various ways to drive a team’s productivity to a much higher level.