The Most Crucial Tech Event in Years – Apple Keynote September 12

The sentence “This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years” that Steve Jobs used to announce the Apple event back in 2007 still resonates in our ears. This was when he unveiled the iPhone. We can’t wait to see what will be in the introductory sentence on the keynote when Apple unveils its 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone.

Starting with that year, Apple has been setting the bar very high in the tech world. No matter how hard Apple’s competitors had been working, it seemed like they were always one step behind.

The Apple Event

The new Apple keynote event is scheduled for 12th September, and that’s just a few days from now. But, what’s going to be on the agenda? We can definitely make a few safe assumptions – the brand-new Apple HomePod, a home speaker system, a new Apple Watch, and most certainly, new iPhones and the Apple TV box.

Many tech experts state that this is the most important keynote event since the one when Apple came up with iPhone6 and 6 Plus in front of journalists and loyal customers. This keynote was back in 2014 and Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch during it.

While many argue that Apple is as innovative as it was under Steve Jobs, the statistics beg to differ. Apple is still recovering from the big slump it went into during the last and the year before. Beside the fact that it has been a decade since the first iPhone has been introduced, this might be why this keynote is the most crucial. It stands as a chance for Apple to prove that it still packs that innovative power and is able to design both functional and breathtaking devices.

Apple has some serious Android rivals when it comes to product design and functionality. And, since the iPhone is generating two thirds of Apple’s sales and even more of its profits, it has to remain at least as competitive as other products on the market if Apple wishes to remain on its throne.

The New Age

Their new pro iPhone and ARKit for augmented reality apps generated quite a buzz back in June. Apple used this as a cliffhanger and didn’t completely reveal what can this technology do for their most devoted users.

There is also another very important brain-scratcher on the plate. Rumor has it that Apple’s next iPhone might not have a home button. At all! Yeah, not even a digital version of it on the undifferentiated glass. Instead of a home button, there will be a software bar displayed at the bottom of the iPhone screen. For users, this means a larger screen and increased functionality.

Since this is not the first time we hear rumors about Apple playing with iPhone gestures, this news might hold some truth in it. Just few weeks ago, we have seen the new swiping feature of Apple’s iOS 11 beta, which allows users to access phone’s app switcher by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

We are all expecting Apple to unveil amazing new products and features during the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. We can only guess, as the date approaches, that not only Apple users are eager to see what Apple has in store for them, but Apple’s competitors as well.