Why (and How) will Security Breaches Continue to Happen

Online security is crucial for all the users in the online world. No matter if we are talking about an individual browsing the web or a company using the infrastructure to improve its workflow, security is crucial.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed many times that sooner or later, hackers find a way to breach security and steal wide array of private data of different types of companies. In this article, we are going to address why this is going to continue, and how the breaches are going to continue occurring. Let’s dig in a bit deeper and explain the whole picture.

Why security breaches are going to continue happening?

Even though numerous security breaches have already occurred and companies are working hard on staying secure at all times, these type of events are going to continue happening in the future. To put it simply, there is simply too much at stake. Let’s take a look at a couple of facts.

The cloud world is continuously expanding and a higher number of companies are moving to cloud-based software tools. Even though this enables businesses to establish a flawless workflow easily, it does come with a little bit of a risk.

The more businesses move to the online world, the higher the motivation for hackers to breach their security. In other words, the higher the amount of valuable data online, the greater the number of attacks is going to be. Businesses are not the only ones putting secure data in the cloud. Worldwide, governments are switching to the new technologies, as it makes storing data about every citizen of a state much easier.

Additionally, dealing with administration is becoming easier every year, as newer technologies are entering various agencies. All this is great, but the stored data is quite valuable to hackers, who can use it to easily impersonate someone.

Therefore, the why breaches are going to occur is quite obvious – there is simply a lot of valuable information online that hackers can make a great use of.

How are security breaches going to happen?

There are multiple reasons why security breaches are going to occur.

The human factor

The current conclusions we can make from security breaches so far is that the human factor is a crucial element that allows the most secure systems to fall. The problem is that people are not educated enough. A great number of security breaches occur because someone installs an unknown program, picks an easy password, or forgets to update a program regularly.

Unfortunately, even though many business owners know this, not enough effort, time and money is invested in educating employees on how to keep themselves and the company data secure online. It is a primary reason why breaches are going to continue happening. Therefore, if you want to reduce the chance of facing a security breach, it is necessary to educate your workforce about the best security practices.

Corporate espionage

Another factor related to the human element is espionage. Businesses need to create better background checks of their future employees, as breaching the most secure systems is possible only from the inside.

Therefore, if your business works with client private information, it is necessary to take precaution and double check every person that joins the company. Without this, it is quite likely that an employee will plant some type of malware in the local computer network, allowing a hacker to access information they are after.

Implementing new and untested technologies

On the other hand, creation and implementation of new technologies is a new ground where attacks are going to occur in the future. A great example is the development of the IoT networks.

Even though this technology is very practical, it is completely unsecured. This is because the IoT relies on numerous types of communication technologies, some of which are completely open to attacks. Only now are the security companies taking steps to improve the security in the IoT world.

While companies might take a variety of security measures to make the new technologies safe, it is still an impossible feat to achieve, which usually leads to some security issues for a year or two.

The same process will likely repeat in the future, as newer technologies that are not fully secure emerge on the mainstream market. They will simply be a new opportunity for hackers to penetrate the system.

Unfortunately, security breaches are always going to be a part of the IT industry. However, those who take extreme measures at protecting their systems rarely experience any type of security problem. Therefore, to steer clear from trouble, work with people you trust, limit the security information flow and educate employees. It is the only way to prevent bad things from happening.