Windows Fall Creators Update – How Your PC Evolves

Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has decided to switch to a new type of update process. Instead of releasing a new version of Windows every couple of years, the company has instead decided to bring active updates to Windows 10 every single year. This is a great approach for the masses, as it cuts down expenses that people had to face in the past.

This year, the Fall Creator’s Update has begun, therefore, let’s take a look at what the people at Microsoft have been working on between 2016 and 2017.

Initial steps towards AR

The Microsoft company sees the importance of AR development. This is why we see initial strides in this area, as the update brings Mixed Reality support to the table. In order to make use of this technology, it is going to be necessary to purchase a Mixed Reality headset from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, Samsung or any others that are entering the AR race.

These are only the initial steps, as future updates will certainly improve and further optimize Mixed Reality’s performance, as more games hit the market and consumers update their hardware for top notch performance.

A higher focus on social features

There are some big changes in this department. The Windows Fall Creator’s Update brings a completely new communication app that integrates several communication channels together. No matter if you are planning to send a Skype message or an email, you will no longer need to launch a third party app. It is not completely possible to achieve this from a new messaging app developed by the teams at Microsoft.

Also, the company has now introduced support for Unicode emoji, as the company is well aware of their popularity.

Other social features include implementation with the Windows 10 taskbar, something we will talk about more in the passage below.

The taskbar is becoming a multi-taskbar

The taskbar has received a lot of changes. With this update, it becomes useful for different types of tasks.

  • Social features – It is now possible to pin contacts to the taskbar for easier communication. But merely dropping an image or a file on the person’s icon in the taskbar, it is going to be sent to them automatically. Microsoft is putting much higher focus on the social aspect of using Windows, making it easier for people to communicate among each other.
  • Edge implementation – Edge has also received updates for better functionality. It is now possible to use it in full screen with the F11 button. More importantly, it has become connected to the taskbar and it is now possible to pin websites directly into it. You can visit your pinned website with a single click on the taskbar. A pretty neat feature, we must admit.

With these changes, the taskbar receives new functionalities; it is something that plenty of users are going to find interesting and useful.

New design steps

Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has showed great focus on creating a new design to stay competitive with Google and Apple. They are taking more steps towards staying competitive with their Fluent Design. It places focus on material, animation, and light motion. It is going to be used across different software products. Applications on iOS and Android are going to be redesigned as well.

OneDrive Updates

Since OneDrive is integrated with Windows 10 and there are plenty of users who rely on it, it has also been updated for better functionality. You can now easily see which files are stored locally and which are online. When working with files, you need to download them to make changes, which later on becomes synchronized with the cloud.

This will ensure better functionality of the cloud service, giving more information and better control over the files stored online.

Better security

All of the above updates would be pointless without better security. Microsoft is working hard on making their Defender better every single year. This update is no different. It pushes the boundaries of Windows Defender, bringing new features to the table. We are talking about Exploit Guard.

It is a quite useful feature that pays special attention to new software tools that you install. If there are any bug exploits within these software tools, the Exploit Guard will pay special attention to them, ensuring a higher level of security.

Also, the new Device Guard serves to isolate your computer from others that are located on the same network. This is a great feature for a corporate setting, where a high number of computers are connected to each other. It will help you isolate the problem and stop the expansion of malware across the local computer network.

If you want all these goodies, you can take a look at how to update your Windows 10.If not, simply stay patient, and wait until you are prompted to make the update.

It is clear that Microsoft is taking the right steps with their Windows 10 operating system. All of these things are great updates that show teeth to their competition at Google and Apple. We are yet to see what the company will bring in the future, but it is clear that if they stay on this path, Windows 10 is going to become an even better operating system in the future.